Authors of the "And We Thought Series" of book (along with Iolande V. Argent) and producers of their own Rokku & Amazon TV shows, these group of vibrant women are the real deal!

You'll enjoy their fun, laid back cador and witty charms as they help infuse any interview with power and vibrant information! They'll also be speaking on how to book TV and other promotional spots even if you are a beginner in your industry.

CO-HOST:Lucia Roth

CEO/Speaker/Natural Beauty Consultant

Creator of the Women's Business Success Virtual Summit. Author of over 20 books and co-author of the "And We Thought Series" (along with co-hosts, "And I Thought Ladies"), Iolande V. Argent enjoys sharing her expertise in the promotion, publication and entertainment industries with others. She hosts the Iolande Argent Radio Show on KUBU 96.5 FM & the Iolande Argent Presents on Xfinity Channel 18 in Sacramento, CA.

She's also started a not-for-profit, the Iolande V. Argent Services Company this year to help others put their words into books to help with literacy and further communication of ideals and cultures.

CO-HOST:And I Thought Ladies

CEO/Author/Speaker/Radio Host

Now that you've met the team why not check out our great group of speakers.

Lucia brings her expertise in organizing to our group. She's got over a decade of experience working with guests for podcasts and video blogs as well as writing experience for magazines!

We know you'll enjoy the commentary she brings to any speaker interview.

HOST:Iolande V. Argent

The Solutionspreneur &

CO-HOST:Monica Paul



Host & Co-Hosts

The team is back again for another exciting year of sharing insider tips and strategies to help launch businesses and books!

Author, CEO, Translator and PR Dynamo! Monica Paul is a vibrant and dynamic speaker that infuses her audiences with a sense of power and "can do" spirit!

She's going to wow us with her speaking on Day Two but you'll enjoy her acting as a co-host for the first time this year. We know you're going to love this fiery Latina!